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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Going for the mark =)

Let's see, well, I don't know if it's the night before the test because I'm being confused by two different dates, but I might as well be on the safe side. I think that the class that I can reflect on most would probably be when we started doing the transformations on the trig functions. I even remembered when Mr. K asked what they all had in common, it took a few seconds for me to get it, and I wanted to answer, but the fear of being wrong took over! TIP:DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ANSWER IN CLASS! OR TO ASK QUESTIONS! I knew the answer and I regret not answering. But the past is the past, yes? Greats. Well, seeing transformations for I guess a second time has helped a lot. I have understood what to do better and with a greater depth of understanding. The way Mr. K taught the transformations helped a lot as well. To me, it was thorough enough and just always remember DABC and you should do fine. I think that my progress in the course is actually progressing. haha. I can actually do most of my homework now with ease and the questions that I didn't get I can always post on the board. Although, there are the moments where I have not being doing the homework. YES! I admit it. I feel bad, and I know that I'll be the one in the end losing because of it. But, I am going to change that habit! I want to get a mark WAAAAY! higher than before, and I am going to change many habits just to get it that way. But you have to admit, there should be more hours in a day! I think that doing things more than once helps, eventually, with practise and use of the material that you have, it will become easier to do things and you'll feel really good that you have accomplished something. When Mr. K posts those questions on the board for us to do, some of them are challenging, but if you attempt to do them and get them wrong, at least you tried right? And it's not wrong to ask someone for help because both of you will be learning at the same time. hmmmm, I hope that this is enough for the one mark. If not, then I'll keep trying for future marks!


At 2/20/2005 11:13 p.m., Blogger calvinw. said...

when he started to ask the class all those questions, i got scared when i said my answer. im not a big fan of attention. i guess after replying to his question i grew on that i might actualy know what he was talking about, but its the fact that saying the wrong answer makes the person that said anything wish they didnt say anythign at alL? if that makes any sense. well yeah last year i faced alot of not understanding and not asking questions. perhaps ill try and learn from my mistakes.


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