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Monday, February 21, 2005

My One Mark

So, it's the day before the big test. In the beginning of this course, I thought that we'd be the doing same rubric as I was in Ms. A's class last semester. I was quite shocked we were doing trig first because I didn't quite understand trig very well. Then, Mr. K. explained it very well in class and I was able to do the problems very well in my homework. I guess doing math a second time is very easy, but math is still hard. I also learned that being in front of the class makes you learn even more because I did not enjoy sitting at the front in other classes before. I also regret not asking questions because I was shy and didn't have the confidence to ask for help. The only weakness I have in this course is graphing sine and cosine. Everything was doing well, until the graphing stuff came and started haunting me. But, i'll try my best to work with that also. I hope this is long enough to receive me ONE mark.


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