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Monday, February 28, 2005

My Reflections

Yah, I guess it's been awhile since I've blogged also before the first test. So here's some more pictures that I've found on reflections. hope you all enjoy them.
These are just a few of images I've found on the internet. Also, if you want to listen to a song about "Reflections", you can download or listen to the song "My Reflections" by Christina Aguilera.


At 2/28/2005 6:41 p.m., Blogger Kevin_0 AkA Kay-0 said...

oh and i forgot....this is for my one mark going into the second test =D ..haha.. i hope i get the one mark...

At 3/02/2005 7:39 p.m., Blogger Alexisss ;-) said...

i like your post kevin.. its soooo beautiful in an educational tye of way.. good job! ohh and i give you props for the song.. ha ha ha!

At 3/04/2005 7:21 p.m., Blogger catherine_c said...

help kevin...how do you put a link on your post?

At 3/04/2005 7:58 p.m., Blogger catherine_c said...

ahh what am i saying =/ i need to put a picture up not a link..


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