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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Practice makes perfect =)

Taking pre cal 40s for the first time was very difficult, I passed but didn't get my desired mark. Maybe it was because I didn't ask enough questions in class or review my notes as often. The one thing that i didn't underdstand was the other trig functions such as cosecant, secant and cotangent. No matter how many times i asked classmates, friends or even Mr. K i had no clue how these trig funcitons worked. And finally it got to me just a few weeks before the exam. and still during the first few days of classes (taking pre cal a second time), i was a bit iffy (..is that a word =/). But all it took for me was those little questions on the board at the beggining of class. This time i had no help, i don't even know how i figured it out myself =) but i did. The reason why i couldn't understand the other trig functions was because i needed a diagram to help me out, which i found easier. Flipping fractions around, also known as reciprocals was the main problem. Example: sec[(21(pi))/(6)], how understood this question was to do it all in one step. But when i looked at it, i figured what 21(pi)/6 was and then took the secant of it. it seemed easier for me that way and it still works out. As mr.k says, to be good in math, you need to practice and do it over and over again. it would of been great to understand this just before semester one ended, but a second chance is worth it. And probably all the things i couldn't get before will just make sense more easily now.


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