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Monday, March 21, 2005

Another test... another blog

Let's see... well, the time where I can remember where there was englightenment for some people was when we were doing the trigonometric identities. actually it was that unit. i remember where alexis 'voiced' out her englightenment in a different way. that just shows that she learned something and that if she learned something, chances are there must be a few more other people who have learned something too. I was one of those people. I remember the last time that i took trigonometric identities, i had a hard time remembering all the identities and corrolories and such, but seeing them again for a second time helped me to remember them better. especially the sine and cosine dance! hahaha. i think that whatever we do in class i understand what we do, but once i get home and try to do my homework, it's kind of tough, but no worries, i shall settle down soon and try to do the homework again. hmmmmm, well, i think that pretty much wraps it up!


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