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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

dun dun dun .. =|

Alright well I figured I would wait until the day before the test to make my post, just because Im being a rebel. Lol, and because ive been stumped about what to write about. This unit was one of the hardest for me last semester, but it seems that this year, it just seems to click in a lot better. I remember panicking when I was writing this test, and not understanding what was going on, and thinking “oh I know the rules, its giong to be so easy” -- and not studying to hard. Turns out it was harder than I thought, and you actually need to know how to APPLY the rules to the problems. The only way your going to learn how to do that is through TRYING and ATTEMPTING every problem he gives you for homework. You will notice that lots of the questions involve steps you’ll need to take in answering other questions, so they all kind of tie together. When your writing your test, im not sure how everyone goes about it, but I know that what I do first is read through the whole test, so I know whats coming up later. If I come up to a question I don’t understand .. I skip it. BUUUUT! I come back to it later. NEVER leave a question blank, even by trying it you might get part marks, but by skipping it your leaving yourself no hope. Don’t panic during the test, stay calm and remember -- YOU CAN DO IT! (said in the voice of the guy from “the waterboy”) I love that movie, lol but yes. Back to studying. So good luck everyone, and as mr. k would say … CHEERS!


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