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Monday, March 07, 2005

For the Test on Wednesday

wow! that audioblogging thing is pretty cool! but the whole factor thing about having to pay the money just make the long distance call, but other than that i think that it is a good idea. hmmmm, i'm trying to think of more meaningful uses for using this audioblogging, but it's pretty tough. well, let's see. if for any reason you feel too lazy to type and stuff you can always call and just post the audioblog that you made up with just a few clicks and that might be a meaningful use? :O or you can have friends come over or whoever and you can ask them or take a survey on what they think about math and how it relates to the real world. you might also be able to call and then have a friend post your audioblog if you don't have internet access? but what else? hmmmm, i don't know. but i'll go onto the portion of where i'm trying to get my mark!

Let's see. well, i think it's the class where we started to learn how to draw the graphs of the reciprocals and where it dealt with the whole situation of having asymptotes and roots and invariant points, etc. I just always use to guess on how the reciprocal graphs should be drawn and i usually got them right. The thing is, i never really understood how the graphs behaved or shaped until the class on where Mr. K talked about how, as one co-ordinate is increasing the reciprocal is decreasing and vice versa or something like that. I think it was as the x-coordinates are increasing, the reciprocal is decreasing so it would be going in a downward direction and as the y-coordinates are decreasing the reciprocal is increasing so then it would be going in the upward directions. I think have them backwards or wrong, but overall it depends on the graph that is being drawn. While Mr. K was showing us the whole concept on how to graph them, when he go to the point of where he actually explained the part about the reciprocals, that's where the light bulb went off inside and i understood things clearly for that moment! and i understand it now and again but i think i have to review the notes again just to make sure.

As far as my progress in the course is going, i think i'm at a steady pace? I try to do as much of my homework as i can and i hope that i can do an exercise where i have attempted all the questions before giving up! I guess that's pretty much every exercise but I guess it's really more of the will power and discipline issue that i'm lacking. BUT no worries! i am working on that!

I wonder if this is enough for the mark?

oh yeah, i just read the previous posts and i read the one about the questions and being a spokesperson and stuff for the other students in class. the blog that is called 'where have we heard this before?' and that is also another thing that i am working on. for one thing, you can consider it to be something that you can just do for yourself. you don't have to think of what other people think about you, so you're just trying to help yourself out and get a better understanding so that you will become more successful in understanding the material and in the process you can be helping out other people in your class as well! so once again... that is something i am working on!


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