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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Inverse Update

Because we are learning about inverses, and i was the one to answer the blogging prompt about it, i though i'd show you the original of the "inversed" picture.
I was able to find the original of the inversed picture by using Adobe Photoshop. I used the invert tool and it came up with this. Its pretty cool how all this ties in with what were learning. This just makes it easier to understand, and i think i have a good understanding of it so far. I gotta say i'm pretty hooked on this blogging stuff.


At 3/04/2005 7:17 p.m., Blogger catherine_c said...

help me brad how do you put a link on your post?

At 3/05/2005 6:38 a.m., Blogger brad b said...

u can use this html code: [a href=" "]Type the link name here[/a]Where the space in between the quotation marks is the URL of the site. Where where "[" and "]" is, just replace the brackets with "<" and ">" respectively.


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