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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Last Minute Blogging

Now this is what you can call last minute blogging. Working through the online identities and the identities in the booklet made me forget to blog last night. So far in this course, this is unit that i'm not comfortable with. I've been trying out the online quizzes and at first I barely passed, but after going through it again, and not by remembering which one was the right answer, but by going over my notes and working it out in a step by step order, I was able to do the really well on the quizzes the second time. There was just some steps I missed that led me to the wrong answer. I've been practicing these identities and i think all that i've done will help me get a decent mark on this test....hopefully.


At 3/22/2005 11:57 a.m., Blogger P®iN©e said...

OH Brad I think we are in the same boat man. This is also a last minute blog and i hope i can get a mark for this. Before this topic started when Mr. K let us try to simplify the trig identities at the board, when i look at those equations i have no clue and i need to ask my neighbour and share our ideas to answer those equations. But after a couple of classes and discussion about the topic it started to make sense to me and while I'm answering those questions I was having fun because it is like a maze where u have to think it over and over again to get the answere. Also, this blogging thing really helps me in reviewing all the stuff for the test today. I'm glad that i'm in Mr. K's class because eventhough u miss one class u can catch up right away, because of this blog. I hope this is long enough to get my first mark in blogging.


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