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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Progress In Class

Well my progress in this class is exceptionally good compared to the other times I have taken this course. I kind of have it bad since I haven't really been in & stayed in a math class for a while, so this makes it hard for me because the knowledge from precal30s that is required from a student, was 3 years ago (for me that is...LOL). But even still there are techniques to do well in this course. I personally find, that doing all the questions in the exercises as instructed by Mr. K helps a lot. Some questions may get repetetive and tedious to do, but then again repetition is a good way for a person to learn, or so I've been told. The brain can withold information longer through repetition. But of course there are those hard questions that make you want to throw your book out of the window. Just relax, it's not the end of the world. Even though you may get stuck on certain questions you should attempt it at least once. And if you still don't get it you should ask a peer. Asking questions and having an inquisitive mind is a good way to get further in this class. Asking peers not only does the inquisitor a favor but your peer as well. This is because if you are able to teach someone a concept, that means you understand it as well. So, by asking other classmates questions, you get help in understanding a concept and the person teaching it to you further develops their understanding of the concept. If you don't understand something you shouldn't be shy to raise the issue up because, it's likely that someone else in class has the same question as you. Therefore you'd be doing them a favor as well. Not only that, but if you don't take the chance to ask questions then there might not be another chance. I've been told that, "The only person who can really help you, is yourself," and I strongly believe in that. So keep asking questions because they'll benefit you. I'm sure your buddies or Mr. K would be glad to help you out if you do have questions. I think that those things have brought me to success in this course, aside from the other obvious ones like: actually going to class and listening. Well I hope this is good for a mark since Mr. K was expecting one from me this time. Remember guys don't be shy to ask questions.


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