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Monday, March 21, 2005


procrastination - To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. although i hate to admit it but pulling things off to the last minute is my ultimate pet peeve. and because we all choose to wait until the last minute this can become very stressful. so i was looking at some great sites and i came across this one in particular dealing with stress and procrastinatin. Fourteen Tips to Help Special Educators Deal with Stress although it may seem like a lot of reading, it's actually very helpful. and i know most of you out there probably won't read it at all, just know that it's here for you. anyways today in class we went to the mac lab and did 10 review questions. i found it very helpful because it deals with the things that we are learning. also having those pop ups and helpful hints when you click on the wrong answer, comes in handy. to conclude this post, i would just like to say that if you do at least attempt to do the work and ask for help, chances are you will learn more than if you don't. learning is like catching a ball. the thrower (mr.k and helpful resources), throws the ball (which in the info that we're learning), and it's up to us (students) to not only catch the ball but also get better in catching all the different types of curve balls that come across our way. okay i gues that's it for now. haha rachel i beat you!


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