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Monday, March 21, 2005

so allie you may have beaten me but its not about the speed, its about the quality. so let me just say bring it on gurlie. lol nothing wrong with a little bit of competition in math. as someone whos taken this course before and STRUGGLED in this unit im finding the blog is so much more helpful, it gives us extra examples that we can try at home and helps us communicate with the people in the class who are usually quiet. see im not one of those people, im usually the one talking during class because its how i am, or going "allie help me." i found that its best to work on some of the problems with two people, because even when your stuck and ready to give up you just ask the other person which step they used next and you include it in your equation and presto, you can find the answer quicker. also practicing these kinds of questions over and over again, until you eventually start doign a problem and a little light bulb goes off (well not actaully but ooo that would be so cool) and you realize you recognize this part of a problem from a DIFFERENT problem you did before. THATS when you know that youve had enough practice, even then it never hurts to keep trying. mr. k puts up all these websits for us to use so take advantage of them, hes not just wasting his time because he has nothing better to do, hes doing it because he WANTS to see us all pass and graduate. were entering into the last semester of high school of our LIVES. this is the end of the road, why give up now? ok im starting to get all sappy because im thinking about grad... i dont wanna graduate. something tells me the math just keeps getting harder. lol = scary! but yes, good luck on the test everyone!


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