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Sunday, April 24, 2005

It gets harder.. It gets tougher but you become smarter

logs and exponents.. at first I thought this unit was easy from the start.. coz C'mon 2^2 that's easy right.. But then.. When Mr. K took out the big problems ( something like log2+(log3-log4)^3, I know there are harder questions than that I just made that up.. hehe) I'm like .........asdafsasdfjkashdkjhaskjdh................ yeah man, it didn't make sense to me.. It made my mind boggle! Slowly, I actually learned how to deal with these things.. what I do... is I remember the steps on how to solve it.. so I don't go like this on a test ....................(uhhh... what am I suppose to do next?)........ knowing what to do and what not to do, makes everything a lot easier trust me.. something I also learned is that when you see those crazy big problems with lots of numbers and symbols that you used to know but you suddenly forgot b/c of the test, don't think that the question is too overwhelming to answer.. try and open up your mind and ask, "kay where should I start?" and then slowly make your way up.. and lastly to able to past this unit... You just have to know how to use exponents, powers, multiply, divide, factor, ln and e and that's basically the whole sheebang..


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