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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

it makes sense!

let's see... class today was quite interesting. i managed to understand what was going on! it's just so wow! i actually understood it! haha. but then i guess it does get easier if you see it more than once =P i find it sort of easy i guess to do the problems if you knoe how to read the problem right. and if you don't then you're going to have a hard time. so READ THE PROBLEM! logs and exponential stuff are the things that are sort of bugging me right now, but i guess that means that i just have to practise it more don't it? a logarithm is an exponent MUST REMEMBER THAT! so then yes. other wise, i think that this unit should be alright for me just as long as i do homework? haha, i'm working at it. :O it just hit me! Almost everything grows exponentially! haha. well i know that i have been told that, but i just remembered it now too! and it's so true! just a scary thought that what if the planet does have lots of people on it because it is exponentially growing. and then there aren't enough resources =/ that's a scary thought. LET'S DO OUR SHARE PEOPLE! RECYCLE PAPER! but maybe it won't be that bad? but anyways, if there is anymore needed to get this blog mark, please let me know =)


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