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Sunday, April 24, 2005

this is rachel

alright well i pulled a blonde and forgot not only my user name but ALSO my password. i know ... its a talent really. lol but yes, i have to make my post under allisons name but its NOT allison. its RACHEL! so no she cannot share my blogging mark because its all mine. muhahah. im just evil like that. i remember this was the unit where i started to freak out and realize that holy crap im not going to pass precal, so i started doing my homework, studying, reading my math dictionary and i ended up acing the test and understanding logarithms and exponents, and its actually helped a lot this semester. i remember a lot of the formulas and how to solve the problems. its all been like one giant review, however there are those moments where i blank so i result in asking allie what to do because usually when i blank, she excels. were just cool like that. haha, but yes, it helps having someone else there for a second opinion, kinda like a second mind. this unit is a really tough one though i have to admit, so many different ways to solve the problems .. it makes it a little more difficult to understand what to do. luckily mr. k is doing more than enough to help us by supplying us with examples, questions to do at home, worksheets, quizzes. i actually really wish we would have had an online quiz this unit, i think it would have helped a lot of us but thats alright. i think the toughest part of all this is the graphing and remembering what the graph looks like. its kinda hard actually, but i pretty much understand the logarithms and that sort of stuff, so hopefully by tomorrow everything will click into place .. maybe i'll even remember my password OR my username ... still cant believe i forgot. oh well, remember people ... a logarith is an exponent ... good luck with tomorrow.. thanks allie for letting me post on your name. - rachel


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