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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

alright well ive managed to reactivate my account and i was about to go to bed but i figured, hey, lets NOT wait until the very last day as usual even though i enjoy being a rebel, and i decided to make my post now. this unit i have to admit it really confusing, this stuff is all new to me and im having trouble memorizing the formulas, actually, reading alexis's post helped me understand common rations and differences - so thanks for that. ive been working on memorizing the different equations but its still tough, but i guess the more i practice the better i will get at it ... and i recommend the same for all of you. dont wait until tomorrow to start studying for this because believe me, this is some tough stuff. i admit ive never really used the blogger reviews because i find them difficult to comprehend, but the ones mr. k just posted helped A LOT! so i suggest you all use them. and with that said ... im going to bed. good luck on the test =)


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