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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

blog, blog and blog.

Wooo,,.. The test gonna be tomorrow,I need to post something to get my one mark. well, actually, I didn't know what can I post in this unit. formula, difference and ratio are the basic law in this unit. I think the better way to learn this unit is just need to remember those formula about geometric sequences, and arithmetic sequences. If there is a common difference ,then use the formula of arithmetic sequence, and If there is a commom ratio, then use the formula of geometric sequence. It is not hard to memorize these formula. But when you do your exercise, sometime I feel hard to working on thise question, but after you did those question and then do the next exercise, you will fell better and better. I think the more you practise, the more you get familiar with those formula and understand those questions well. Here, I just want to say that those formula is not hard to memorize it, but it was not hard to understand and familiar to use those formula.


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