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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well, here's my blog for my 1 mark on the test. Let me just say that I was confused in doing this unit. I must admit,that this was a very EASY unit for me. BUT, as the formulas were introduced to me, I got a little confused by the variables being used, such as m and a. The letter m is the number of "Means" required and a is the first term in an arithmetic sequence. I got confused by these letters because I was taught that the variable for the first term is T1, instead of a, but it doesn't really matter that much. It's just that it's easy for me to remember. Also, the letter m is a variable that is new to me and I just hope I can remember what it is. Also, doing word problems are my weakest points, especially those bouncing ball questions. And NO we ain't getting a formula SHEET. HAHA. I guess that's enough. 'Til the next test.


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