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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Another test is here! let's see. the moment of clarity was.... well there are a few, except some stand out more than others. i was confused about how you get 'p' for the parabolas and now i get it! i'm pretty sure i get it. and hyperbolas i feel that i really get. but i don't think we have spent much time on circles and that is just something that i have to review over again. the general form is also something i have to look at but i'm sure that that is all in the math dictionary and that's fine because i can always look over it! so it's all good! and so yeah. i feel that this one of the units that i have had most trouble with when i first took this course. and now, i understand it waaaaaay better than i did last year! so it does kind of pay off to actually go over it twice. and just as long as you learn from it then it's worth it right? of course i'm right! well, now that i'm sure that i know more than i knew last year about this topic all i have to do is just study using the companion site and just review, review, and REVIEW! so yes. i must start reviewing now. bye!


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