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Monday, May 02, 2005

G's and A's

let me share a secret to you guys, one thing I keep on mind while doing this unit is that arithmetic sequences are based on slopes also known as the "COMMON DIFFERENCE" (d). The operations used for arithmetic sequences are addition and subtraction. ex: 3,8,13,18.... d=5 *use addition from left to right* *use subtraction from right to left* for geometric sequences just remember that we use COMMON RATIOS and its all about multiplying and dividing. ex: 12, 6, 3, 3/2.... r=1/2 *to be honest the only thing I really do to check if its geometric is that I divide it from right to left, I feel more comfortable doing that.* for sigmanotations and infinite sums(converging and diverging).. That's just something I have to work on to be honest.. And I know 2 days may not be enough but I'll give it my all on wednesday.. I hope my tips helped even a little bit. oh and hey if you already know how to do it and you just find my explanation more disturbing and confusing just stay with what you know and if I have any mistakes please don't be afraid to correct me. =) HAPPY BLOGGING!


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