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Thursday, May 05, 2005

just a blog for just a mark

hmmmm, once again it's another blog, because you know what's coming up! THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER TEST! well it's all good. i better make this count and do this fast cuz the show "Friends" is coming up =p so anyways. yes. sequences and series. when we first started this unit, I did not remember that i ever did this unit the last time that i took pre cal! and it still hasn't come back to me if i ever did. but anyways, what i found that was giving the me the most trouble was the problems with the ball. the bouncing one to be exact. and well, what exactly is a bounce? so earlier in class we're just preparing for the test tomorrow and well, it seems as if like i get everything else except for the ball one. i find it very likely there is going to be a ball question. or something very similar to it on the test! this unit isn't one of the hardest ones? but it is one of the shortest ones. and there are many formulas to remember, i hope we get a FORMULA SHEET! tomorrow! and yeah. well, i guess that just in case we don't, i'll try to memorize the formulas or learn how to build them. honestly though, i think i would remember them better if i knew how to build them, but the thing is, i can't remember how they are built. so i am just going to stick to the whole memorizing thing. yes, grammar in this case was very bad, but we're not in english so it's all good =)


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