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Thursday, May 19, 2005

My 2nd Time Blogging

Well its been awhile that i havent blog and i realized that i lost a lot of marks already and i know that it is bad. So Even though its a last minute blogging I still want to get this blogging mark. I really enjoy this unit because I understand it and i'm having fun while I'm answering this kind of questions. I like solving parabolas,circles, ellipse, and Hyperbolas, I think their cool. Just the name "Directrix" makes me think that this unit is interesting. I think I understand this unit very well and the only problem i have in this unit is answering the word problems and that's about it. I admit that I visit the blog once in a while and i know its bad, because it was made for us and we should benefit it. It's that sometimes I'm busy at work and when i got home I'm tired already to go to the computer and blog. Anywayz, i hope that i got my blogging mark this time and I also hope that my blog would make our blog participation a 100%, because I think I'm the only one who's not blogging.


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