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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pre-Cal 40S

here we go again.. blogs. Some people say that conics are pretty hard and some say its a piece of cake...... well not really. i just said that,lol. Personally I think conics are easier than exponents and logs but it still has its confusing times. I feel that its not as complicated and it doesnt have too much steps unlike logs.. well some people may disagree to this but hey we all have diffirent views and perspective in things. Conics isnt really that complicated if you remember what formula is suitable for the right conic. there's also the part where you have to determine wheter the conic is vertical or horizontal and finding the focus or foci well pretty much i bet you guys all know what i'm talking about so let me tell you something that most of you probably dont even know.. DID YOU KNOW THAT..... - The conics have been discovered by Menaechmus (a Greek, c.375-325 BC), tutor to Alexander the Great. - Appollonius (c. 262-190 BC) (known as The Great Geometer) consolidated and extended previous results of conics into a monograph Conic Sections, consisting of eight books with 487 propositions. - Appollonius was the first to base the theory of all three conics on sections of one circular cone, right or oblique. He is also the one to give the - name ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. I bet my marbles you didnt know that! Well guys have good night and happy blogging. I wish us all luck for tomorrow's test!


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