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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Lately, I still felt that I was a little behind the class and remember last time I said that I was going to do something about it and I found a SOLUTION! It was infront of my face all the time.. It was just there waiting to be used and to do its purpose.. "HERE" yess... the "HERE LINK"! Let me just say that Mr.K doesn't put these links to be stared at.. It was written to serve its purpose of helping us to learn and improve our studies. Personally I found out that its easier for me to learn from the online quizzes than from the assignments. WHY??
  1. Because if you're wrong, it gives you a clear and profound explanation afterwards which is fantabolous because you learn from it and you improve.
  2. It COMPLIMENTS you when you're RIGHT!! ( swweeeeeettt...^_^)
  3. You have an abundant resource of quizzes and tests and its waaaaayy better than being limited to the 20 questions in our assignments. And lastly...
  4. It's just fun to do!!

Although there is still a flaw on doing online quizzes.. Sometimes the explanations aren't written in english (I think its speaking some math dialect..) What I mean by this is that the explanations are too hard to understand because of the depth of the explanations so I just give it a, "HUH??!"

Well I just wanna say that let's make use of these "HERE LINKS"!! It's a very helpful tool and personally I don't think Mr. K would waste he's time putting these links and web sites for nothing right? In the end, I just hope I do good on the test and I hope you guys do pretty well too.. CIAO!


At 3/21/2005 12:26 a.m., Blogger long said...

from what i have just read i do agree that this online math help really helps. i just tried a couple of them and found out about lots of stuff that i already didnt know and what i need to improve on for the next test coming up on tuesday and now i can say that i have more confidence coming into the test then i did after that pre test :S but atleast now i have something that can help me. and now that i just got a computer of my own i'll b going on net more often and can b reading about recent posts and try the new sites that Mr. K puts up for us i can tell u one thing though after repeating the course...i've come to learn that u have to do extra activites to understand the stuff thats going on in class. listening is only 50% of getting a good mark the other 50% is actually doing it and trust me i learned it the hard way..



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