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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Quizzes or Questions?

I was just on my computer cramming and going trough the rest of the online quizzes, when it came across my mind that I didn't blog yet and the next test is tomorrow. So, what better topic to blog on then the online quizzes. For some odd reason, I have trouble doing my work from the exercise booklets. I find it harder to get off my lazy.....bum and get all of my books out to do the work. Maybe, it is just more convenient to do my math near the computer because I'm on everyday anyways. Or maybe it’s because I spend the whole day in school in front of the same books doing the same work, its just depressing being near them too long. Sure, its fine doing work in school for a while, but too much of anything is always bad. I'm not saying that I'm going to stop doing my exercises, but I will try to get a little variety out of my homework. Personally, I prefer some of the online quizzes rather than the exercises. Mainly, because some of the web sites show exactly what you did wrong in the question and the correct way to do it. If not, most of the quiz links on this site have other links near them that even teach you step by step how to do it from the beginning. It’s amazing what useful things you can find on the internet.


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