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Friday, February 04, 2005

Day 1

Hi There! You found our blog! This is the place to talk about what's happening in class; to ask a question you didn't get a chance to ask in class; to get copies of a handout you didn't get in class (here's the course outline); for parents to find out "How Was School Today;" to share your knowledge with other students;.... Most importantly it's a place to reflect on what we're learning.

Remember what I said about the Forgetting Curve? Well a big part of Learning and Remembering involves working with and discussing new ideas with other people -- THIS is the place to do just that. Use the comment feature below each post, or make your own post, or make your own blog and link it to this one, or....the sky's the limit...let your imagination soar and lets get down to some serious blogging!

Here's your first online assignment:

Do you see the Links list in the side bar over there on the right? Follow the Study Skills Resources link. Browse through the sites until you find one that you think has excellent suggestions on how to study math; then, on a piece of loose leaf paper (or this worksheet) to be handed in on Monday:

  1. Write the address and name of the site you most liked.
  2. Rate the site out of 100; i.e. give it a grade!
  3. Write a brief description (no more than 4 or 5 sentences) of the site.
  4. Include a comment on what it was about this site that made it stand out for you (no more than 1 or 2 sentences).
Repeat this exercise for the second link that deals with Test Taking, i.e. how to write a test.

If you take this assignment seriously now and invest some real time and energy into it, you'll probably do real well in my class this semester...who knows, it might even help you in your other classes too! ;-)

Have Fun!


At 2/06/2005 5:36 p.m., Blogger xun said...

isn't it looks so hard to do?

At 2/07/2005 7:00 p.m., Blogger Kevin_0 AkA Kay-0 said...

hi...how come i dont see my name on the contributors area?? I accidentally forgot the math worksheet in my comp sci class..can i get another copy tomorow morning Mr.K so that i can have da chance to do it during my second period spare?? Thanks...

At 2/08/2005 3:41 p.m., Blogger blogster_gherard™ said...

our class is pretty too crowded. but it is okay... the larger class.. the better (", )

At 2/08/2005 4:33 p.m., Blogger blogster_gherard™ said...

wow! this blog thingy is cool! i am an official blogster from now on! (",)

At 2/08/2005 5:04 p.m., Blogger ray_cheeeeee said...

this blog this is kinda cool. and wow is our class ever full, i dont think ive ever seen your room full of that many people, haha its to the point where we dont even have enough chairs. wonder why its so full this semester? so you were saying today in class that we had to make a post, what exactly did you want the post to be about?

At 2/08/2005 6:35 p.m., Blogger Kevin_0 AkA Kay-0 said...

Yes our class looks pretty packed...ever wondering of moving the class into the MPR or the gymnasium Mr.K? lol..that's my suggestion..i guess this is my second post on this blog..this site is pretty cool.....

At 2/08/2005 10:58 p.m., Blogger Annabel said...

so is this what mr k was talking about posting up something before a test? . . . oh mr k if u read this . . . you remind me of another mr mark ?! =S *tilt head to see the face* . . . hahaha =) i'll post something better to get the mark before the unit is done i just want to see if this is what mr k is refering to =S


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