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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Where did I put that graph?

That's the "Title" of tomorrow's class. We'll be studying how rewriting the equation of any function can shift its' graph vertically or horizontally, or both. Following those links will give you a preview of what we'll be talking about. BTW, I don't like the way they describe the equation of a "horizontal shift;" read about it and compare it to the standard forms of quadratic and trig functions. See if you can figure out why I'll change the plus sign into a negative. ;-)

Something interesting I read today at math.about.com:

The Best Way To Teach Math Is.......
In no other subject does the pendulum swing as much as it does in math. Currently another wave is occuring (math reform) about the way children learn math. Is math a spectator sport? Is it better to teach math using hands on, engaging, authentic strategies? Is math about thinking or memory? You decide which side of the fence you sit on with the 'math wars'. See what teachers in Arizona are doing.

The two styles of teaching are described as a "constructivist" or a "focused, guided" approach. Some of you folks have been studying with me for a little while now; which side of the fence do you think I fall on? ;-)


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