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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Our Wiki Textbook

OK folks, here's another tool to help us ..... our very own Wiki Textbook!

You'll notice a new link to our Wiki Textbook in the [Links] list over there on the right. A wiki is basically a website that anyone can edit. In many wikis you have to be a registered user to participate. Some people worry that by allowing everyone on the internet to edit their content that spammers, roaches and miscreants will vandalize the site. That's possible. What's more likely is that an interested global community will work together to create something excellent! Also, the wiki records every version that has been or ever will be published so if someone comes to our house and makes a mess we can easily clean it up. ;-) Watch this to see what I mean.

Our wiki is open to everyone. The benefit to registering is that every time you contribute to the wiki your name is recorded as a contributor. If you want me to register you just email me and I will. Check out our wiki and let me know what you think.


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