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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Thinking About Identities

Here is a great little ThinkQuest on how to solve trig identities. They have some excellent worked examples of quite challenging identites followed by some identities for you to prove. If you've been finding this unit difficult the students that built this site also did an excellent job of explaining what to look for in solving identities and how to go about it.

After looking at the trig identities ThinkQuest you might be interested in making one of your own. It's challenging and takes a lot ot time and energy. But, if you're interested talk to me about it. You might be interested in looking through the ThinkQuest Library for more inspiration or lots of good educational websites made by students for students.

Coin Hunt Update!
A number of hints have been posted around school and on the announcement monitors to help you solve the last few riddles and find the coin .... Remember, it's a race! The first person or team to find the coin wins the pizza party!

Happy Coin Hunting!


At 3/16/2005 10:11 p.m., Blogger blogster_gherard™ said...

Yup.. once again.. the site was very helpful. Thay would be a great help for me and for the rest of the class as well. But to be honest.. I feel kinda disappointing regarding my score on the short quiz, hehe. I thought that I've got the right answer on number one (the "none of the above" thingy)BUT I'm wrong. Well.. lesson learned. It is either run away from my mistake or learn from them. This unit is far more complicated than I thought and it is not enough to only apply the "algebraic massage" trick. What puzzles are for when they are meant to be easy in the first place? Hehe.. NOW... onto the coin hunt clues. One of my team mates said that Hades is a Greek God, not Roman. I think what we are asked is the Roman counterpart of Hades. Which raises to another question...who is Triton anyway? Duh! I guess I'm not a Greek/Roman Mythology fan after all! (^_^)

At 3/17/2005 3:08 a.m., Blogger Adrien G said...

WHat kinda of coin is it and hwta is the year and condition of it???


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