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Friday, June 10, 2005

Gearing Up For The Exam!!

A whole lot of reviewing going on!!

Here is where you can login to the online quiz site to try your hand at the review quiz we made as a class.

There's lots more you can do to get ready for Tuesday!

Take this quiz on Probabilities of Compound Events.

Take this quiz on Conditional Probability.

Take this quiz on The Binomial Theorem and Probability.

Take this test on Combinatorics and Probability.

Take Harry Potter's quiz on Combinatorics. Try not to run into any walls. ;-)

Try this Probability quiz.

And finally, take your own customized quiz on a variety of topics we've studied. You can create customized review quizzes by choosing up to 15 questions from: Algebra, Trigonometry, Exponents and Logarithms, Geometry, Problem Solving and Graphs (Transformations). Create as many quizzes as you like and practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!! When you start each quiz a timer counts down from 50 minutes -- that's how you prepare for a timed test -- you take LOTS of timed tests! You can probably skip the Geometry questions and not all of the Problem Solving and Algebra applies to our course, but the kind of thinking you need to do for these questions WILL DEFINITELY help you gear up for the exam!

Remember, luck has nothing to do with it! It's all about doing your best! How well you do is a direct function of the effort you put into preparing!!!


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