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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Geometric Review

As promised, here is a list of reviews for you ....

You can also find a fairly detailed review here with step-by-step solved examples and 8 practice questions with answers.

Don't forget to bring your ruler with you to class tomorrow. You'll need it to play .... ;-)


At 5/04/2005 8:39 p.m., Blogger allison =) said...

okay so i just finished doing the reviews that were posted and i would like to mention that they helped me a lot. this unit i feel is very confusing and it was for me last sem as well. but attempting to do the reviews really did help me to understand, and the hints below the question were very clear. the hints don't tell you the answer but guide you to help to make you chose the right answer. i admit that i don't come to the blog as often as i'd like to but now that i came on, i'm glad i did. to conclude, why not try the reviews, you're not losing anything, however, you're actually benefiting yourself and once you try you can only win. tootles =)


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