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Monday, February 28, 2005


Blogging Prompt
This photograph is called "inverse;" it's the inverse of the picture that was originally taken. Look carefully at the picture and recall what we were saying about inverses in class today:
  • What time of day was the picture taken?
  • Can you tell what season is illustrated in the picture? Explain how.
  • Since it's the "inverse" of the original picture can you explain the colour scheme we see?

A Clarification
The Posting π activity is just a fun thing to do as we approach π Day. It is not worth a Blogging Mark. Posting pictures in and of themselves won't earn you a Blogging Mark either unless you blog something that underscores how it relates to what we are learning in class. To earn your Blogging Mark reread Blogging on Blogging or reply to a designated Blogging Prompt like the one above.


At 2/28/2005 11:47 p.m., Blogger brad b said...

This is the inverse of a photograph, it is opposite of what was originally taken. This is like the negatives from a film roll. Because the sky is black, or a dark color, the original would be taken during the morning or in the afternoon. Also the trees have little or no leaves on them and the ground looks like it has leaves on it, which can be said that it was the fall season. The inverse of the original is everything that was once a bright color, is now shown as a dark color. So that is my response to this blogging prompt. The story that Mr. K told regarding the parents clean room and the kids messy room, really helped explain the relationship of inverse functions. It was a very good story.


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