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Monday, April 04, 2005

Of Wikis and Inverse Trig Functions

Check out the post just before this one for more info on our wiki. Today we decided that contributions to the wiki would be voluntary and count as bonus marks, 1 or 2 per unit test. We still need to decide exactly what someone has to do to actually earn that mark. Rachel suggested that each person make at least one contribution and one edit. Think about it and bring your ideas with you to class tomorrow. We'll talk more about it then.

Here is an excellent animation showing the relationship between each of the basic trig functions and their inverses. Spend some time there trying to understand what's being illustrated. Clicking on the little red square and dragging it left and right will help. Also, make a point of looking at all six of the examples available. Don't forget to hit [Load Example] after selecting each one.


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