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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Absolutely Rational....Hungry for π

Some sites to play with:

Try this to play around with rational functions, just like we did in class today. The applet will transform the graph of 1/x using a vertical stretch (A), horizontal shift (B) and vertical shift (C); 3 parameters. It'll show you the graph and then ask you to guess the values of A, B and C; graph your guess and if you're wrong ask you to guess again...very cool!

This GIZMO (Andrew shared one of these with us a little while back) will give you a chance to play around with different parabolas and then see what effects different applications of the absolute value function will have on the graph....also very cool!
Note: You can only use one GIZMO once per day for free. Don't log off the GIZMO site until you're really done playing with it. ;-)

This is here because I just can't stop thinking about π Day....getting hungry....


At 3/03/2005 10:55 p.m., Blogger Alexisss ;-) said...

sighh* =( i'm sad to say that lately i feel like i'm getting a little bit, maybe more left behind in class.. i just missed a class and it almost seems as if i missed a week, gosh.. i tried doing homeworks and the exercises but to no avail, i couldnt finish it without having to look back and forth at the answer key and the questions. It seems that I'm mentally blocked and don't worry mr. k its not only in precal that i'm in deep crap.. ;) well i know this is no laughing matter and although i am a woman with a lot of pride i do know when i should go down on my knees and spread my arms open wide and throw them in the air and yell, "HELP!"

I don't wanna put myself into more pressure and dilemma by not confronting this problem and by just letting it sit on one side of my brain and pile up one by one.. so hopefully i'll find a solution to this and i'll most probably do something about it asap.

If any of you guys are feeling the same as me just come out in the open and be honest. it doesnt hurt to try and ask.


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