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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Absolutely Rational....Hungry for π

Some sites to play with:

Try this to play around with rational functions, just like we did in class today. The applet will transform the graph of 1/x using a vertical stretch (A), horizontal shift (B) and vertical shift (C); 3 parameters. It'll show you the graph and then ask you to guess the values of A, B and C; graph your guess and if you're wrong ask you to guess again...very cool!

This GIZMO (Andrew shared one of these with us a little while back) will give you a chance to play around with different parabolas and then see what effects different applications of the absolute value function will have on the graph....also very cool!
Note: You can only use one GIZMO once per day for free. Don't log off the GIZMO site until you're really done playing with it. ;-)

This is here because I just can't stop thinking about π Day....getting hungry....


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