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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Exponential Assistence and Quizzing Thoughts

Here is a great place to get help with your homework if you had any trouble understanding what was happening in class today. Similar questions, complete step-by-step solutions, and a brief online quiz.

Speaking of online quizzes, don't forget that our first online quiz expires at midnight tonight. Get started no later than 11:30 pm.

So far the feedback from those of you that have completed the quiz is very positive. The message I've received is that you want to do more quizzes like this. Alright then, we will. I've been doing some more thinking about this as well. I've decided that each of you will make up one multiple choice question for each unit that we'll be studying. When they are handed in I will enter them into the online database. When exam time rolls around the entire set of questions will be released for you all to review. This means we'll have about 25 questions per unit of study which we can use to prepare for the exam. I will develop a set of guidelines for this assignment which I will share in class, post here or both. This would also be a good place for you to share your questions, comments, complaints, compliments, concerns, confusions, anxieties and other general inquiries about this project. Your thoughts ....


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