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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Exponential Functions and WikiThoughts

This site has several interactive activities to help understand what we were talking about in class today: exponential functions and their transformations. Read the whole page before starting the java applet.

After you click the start button, you'll find it helpful (and instructive) to flip back and forth between the original page and the applet window. There are 4 "games" for you to play. ;-)

  1. The Definition of the Exponential Function
  2. Increase and Decrease of the Exponential Functions
  3. Range and Horizontal Asymptote of the Exponential Functions
  4. Shifting, Scaling and Reflection of the Exponential Functions

Follow the directions given for each one .... after that your homework will be a breeze!

For those of you who like variety, this is another applet you can play with to look at how you can change the parameters a and b in the general equation of an exponential function: f(x) = a(bx).

Lastly, as we discussed in class today, this would be a good place to share your thoughts about the wiki:

  • What does someone have to contribute to earn a bonus mark?
  • We had a suggestion of one contribution, one edit. Does a spelling correktion count?
  • Maybe we should just forget about marks altogether. Those of you that want to take advantage of this opportunity go ahead! You'll only benefit from it. Non-contributors may benefit also, but they wont get nearly as much out of it.

Your WikiThoughts.....


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