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Friday, April 22, 2005

Review and Learn With the Wiki

Lots of homework this weekend! Today was our last day to review before the test on Monday. Don't forget to earn your blog mark before then.

If you didn't make your way through all the questions on our Companion Review Site today you can still access it here or from the [Links] menu over there --> on the right.

Over the weekend you can also try these online reviews to help get ready for Monday:

Also, as we discussed in class, take advantage of the tremendous learning and studying opportunities available to you over at our wiki. Start small, just write the first step. The next person can annotate what you did. Another person can do the next step; and so on. Work together on this folks!

Make sure you can draw transformations of the graphs of both the exponential and logarithmic functions without using your calculator. Using your calculator too much can make your vision blur. ;-)

Have a great weekend! And don't forget .... NUMB3RS is on tonight ....


At 4/22/2005 8:40 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew.. we've got a lots of stuff to do... and the online exercises was pretty puzzling.. Thanks to our brainstorming with Prince and Kevin.. we've somehow solved the questions. We could really learn from each other. ^_^. I'm looking forward for the exam!


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